Tuesday, 25 December 2007

God Bless Us, Every One

I don’t usually write serious blog posts, mainly because I’m too ignorant to construct rational, reasoned and well-informed essays on important issues, or because I’m too selfish and self-centred and petty, or because earnestness and sincerity tend to seem trite and affected when my inadequate little brain tries to convert them into the written word. I’ll keep this short, then, and trust to your goodwill to regard this humble Christmas offering in a favourable light.

As hollow as it sounds to me, given that Christmas is a difficult time for more people than not, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with health and happiness.

Without wishing to pontificate on philanthropic gestures (Lord knows that would make me an insufferable hypocrite), this year I’m really going to try to be thankful for what I have, even down to spending the better part of Christmas Day with my (really) annoying (and not-usually-to-my-liking) in-laws. It’s a prospect which, though not exactly my preferred option, is a darn sight better than that facing many people at this time that all the corny movies and cynical ads rub in the faces of the lonely and bereaved as a time to spend with family. I will try and remember others who are less fortunate than I; in particular, L and T – God grant you comfort in your time of grief; my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Stay safe and happy, and God* bless us, every one.

P.S. Confused and disturbed by this uncharacteristic post? Normal posting (ie: meaningless, small-minded twaddle) will resume whenever I can stir my spreading derrière into action.

*Substitute with deity/life force/benevolent entity of your choice.


jan said...

I've missed your ascerbic wit and your "little" brain is certainly adequate to write anything it chooses. Have a great Christmas.

Rita said...

I'm hearing you, Lonie. The rest of the year is great for piss-taking, sarcasm and general wit, after all, that's what this great nation is all about, but it's nice to have a day off once in a while, to relax into just being a human, and thanking god (or whichever deity you want, or not) for your small portion of life.

The much detested in-laws will eventually fade, while your star will always shine on high. (I speak with authority!!)

Have a calm and peaceful Christmas. I look forward to many more of your blogs in 2008. You are an inspiration to us mere mortals striving to attain your way with words.

littlesnoring said...

Have a wonderful day and great NY...

Diesel said...

Merry Christmas, LP!

Lonie Polony said...

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone! I hope your day was all you could hope for. Mine was surprisingly not-terrible :)