Monday, 30 April 2007

From Sen. The Hon. Neil O’Nooply

It recently came to the attention of the Minister for Meat Products that certain of his suit-clad minions have breached the Australian Public Service Act (Supplementary) paragraph 10.1, Duty to refrain from looking stupid, and it fell to me to draft a minute to be propagated department-wide, reminding all staff of their obligations. Hereunder a reproduction of the salient points of the minute, including infractions and remedial instructions:

1) Multi-coloured mullets.
No. You are not cool, trendy or young. You are just a (poorly informed) fashion victim with a hairstyle that doesn’t go with anything, let alone business suits or your head.

2) Surf-brand lanyards.
Three times wider than everyone else’s, in eye-blinding colours and emblazoned with trademarks you pay to advertise, these should be avoided by everyone who isn’t a try-hard fifteen-year-old.

3) Expensive utes that have never been on a farm or unsealed road.
What’s the look you’re going for here? Gentleman farmer? Country boy made good? Wealthy landowner? Whatever image you’re attempting to project, the only one I see is ‘tool’ (and not the useful sort).

4) Shorts.
No, no, no, ladies! The weekend was yesterday. I don’t care what Cue has in its window display - today we wear trousers, skirts or dresses.

5) Hands-free mobile phones.
Unless you’re driving a car and on an absolutely necessary call, you should not be sporting one of these. People do not see you swaggering around talking over-loudly into your headset and think, “Now there’s a powerful high-flyer! Look, he’s in constant demand on the phone and far too busy to use his God-given hands!” They think you’re an arrogant technosexual.

Staff are reminded that strict adherence to all parts of the Public Service Act is required for salary progression. Dress code for IT staff remains extant (ie: jeans and tee-shirts are mandatory at all times).

Meanwhile, the Act doesn’t proscribe looking like a comfortable frump, so I guess my pay-rise is in the bag.


Diesel said...

Man I hate those phones.

Lonie Polony said...

I don't much care for normal mobiles, either. Face-to-face manners and etiquette are all but gone in the face of mobile phone proliferation. But then I'm just a luddite (or leadite), I should go with the flow, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Ms LP-you are becoming a moaney old whatsit. Leave the poseurs alone and come and talk to us in the UK instead...

Lonie Polony said...

Becoming? I thought I already was one, Mutley! Tell you what, I'll come to the UK when you pay for first-class tickets.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Minister of Meat Products! That's it, I am hereby declaring myself the Minister of Moroccan Slippers!

Oh and technosexual - that is SUCH a good word.

jan said...

I long for the days when mobile phones were used only by drug dealers and self important yuppies.