Thursday, 9 August 2007

Farewell, My Friend

It was only today in the doctor’s waiting room that I realised how serious your condition is: the etched wrinkles, the peeling skin, your dull and worn-out appearance. I can’t pretend it didn’t shock and sadden me, even though I’ve known for some time that our days together are coming to an end. It doesn’t seem fair – we met short years ago, and I thought we’d be together forever, but now I don’t even know whether we’ll see in the New Year together.

When first we met I felt an instant attraction, and we’ve been close companions ever since. I remember many an occasion you kept chill winds from me with your close embrace, and often it seemed your mere presence was enough to comfort me on days of grey and gloom. Whenever we were out in public I always felt so proud of you – you drew so many admiring stares and compliments, and by association made me look and feel great. Now, because of your delicate condition, we don’t go out much anymore.

I fear it won’t be long until our memories of happy times will be the only things we have left to share. Each time I study you, trying not to let my concern show, you seem older, more fragile and too tired to carry on. Perhaps the worst aspect of your sad degeneration is my complete futility and utter inability to prevent or even slow the cruel process. The only thing I can offer you is this promise: even when your life is over, I will keep you with me always, and no one shall ever replace you.

How could they? You were the best fake leather coat a girl could have.


River said...

Have the coat mounted and framed, hang it in an important spot in your home and it will be with you forever. Or take a series of photos from different angles and frame enlargements in identical frames to make a statement along a wall such as a hallway. Hope you find a replacement that you love as much.

Dan said...

LOL! Fake leather? As in pleather? Are you a vegan? Vegans rock.

Lonie Polony said...

Thanks for the suggestions River, but I think I'll survive the demise of Old Red without making a shrine out of him ;)

Hey Dan - yeah, I'm vegan (they're the ones who eat anything BUT vegetables, right?). No, I was just a poor student when I bought the coat, but it really was a good fake. *Sigh* guess I'll just have to save my pennies and buy a real leather coat this time. It's a hard life :)

t h e - g o b b l e r said...

You had me hooked! Totally engaging & smartly scribed. I know exactly how you feel about your favorite jackets-I'm obessive me!

Diesel said...

I thought Vegans were people from the planet Vegus.

Lonie Polony said...

Thanks Gobbler. Leave it to me to air all the important issues.

Diesel - no, I think you're thinking of the inhabitants of Uranus.