Monday, 14 January 2008

Product Launch!

We here at Lonie™ Polony are pleased and proud to announce the release of a fine, new product! We trust our loyal customers will find it meets the same impeccable standards as the other lunchmeats in our exclusive range.

Yes, I now have my very own Neptune Athelstane Polony!


Consequently, I shall herewith prominently display this button created by the lovely Littlesnoring:

and pretend that irregular, infrequent posts are all part of my grand plan to become the next multi-millionaire lunchmeat mogul.

Wish me luck with my growing polony empire.

*Image may not be of actual Baby Polony


littlesnoring said...

Wonderful, wonderful, what fun to have a squelchy baby in da house. (You are probably feeling pretty squelchy your self - maybe?)

How fun, I hope you are blessed with some sleep or at least may your cupboards overflow with chocolate and coffee ( I know not supposed to be the best for breast feed babies, but really a comatosed mother seems to be more of a health hazard in my book).

Will be looking forward to your posts whenever they happen.

Rita said...

Yay Lonie and youngest Polony! Let the fun begin....!
Did you end up getting induced or did young Jupiter come naturally?

Lonie Polony said...

Hello hello! I am pretty squelchy littlesnoring, but luckily not much damage done - my body is pretty stretchy by now!

Hello Rita - the little one left it until the last minute to come naturally, all by himself. Actually, he wasn't so little: nearly four and a half kilos. Ouch.

hazelblackberry said...

Well done, congratulations and welcome.

If slow blogging is anything like slow cooking it should be worth the wait.

River said...

Oh the joys of boys. Lots of fun in store for you. And is his name REALLY Neptune?

Lonie Polony said...

Why thank you, Hazel. I hope to serve up something tender and delicious one day...

Lol River, no his name's not Neptune Athelstane. I was just referring to something I wrote in a previous post :)

Nellie said...

hugest congrats lonie!!!! christ I'm glad it's not me though girlie. I think your older 2 are the same age as mine, and there's not a hope in hell I could cope with a newborn again.

Sending ridiculous quantities of sleep and peaced-out bliss your way

Nellie x

Anonymous said...

Congrats and hugs to you Ms Polonie! Has the paternity suit been settled yet?

Lonie Polony said...

Why thank you, Nellie! It's not easy, but it's actually the older two who are more trouble at the moment. Neptune actually sleeps quite well and is an 'easy' baby. Fingers crossed he stays that way!

Thanks Mutley - yes, it has been determined that Larry Birkhead is in fact the biological father ;)

edj said...

Well I for one LOVE the name Neptune and I'm glad you didn't succumb to peer pressure to name him something sensible like Oscar Meyer.
(Will you get joke? American lunch meat...famous here but have no idea how it has fared in the cut-throat world of international lunch meat...)
And congrats and all that. 4 1/2 kilos! Ouch! I found it easier, when giving birth to large amounts of baby, to deliver in installments--hence my twins.
You might want to consider that for next time.

Lonie Polony said...

Lol edj! Twins would take the child count up to five, but I don't know if I'm going to have any luck convincing Mr. Lonie we should even have one more :(

Thanks to the saturation of our culture with all things American, I do have some vague sense of Oscar Meyer. That's also how I learned your state capitals and names of former presidents... ;)