Friday, 1 February 2008


Vote for me in the 2008 Bloggies! I’m not actually nominated, but why should little things like popular choice or just deserts stand in the way of my victory?

[Insert witty segue here]

So, our man of steel’s loverboy Dubya is on his way out, then? In the tradition of election-time on-street vox pops of the most ignorant buffoons to be found, I must proclaim that “I barrack for Barack!” Never mind the accusation of an unwholesome association with a slum lord peddling shoddiness and trash.

[C’mon, gentle reader! Fill in the blanks, it’s fun! Try, “Speaking of…”]

Things must be pretty bad for her when even I’m feeling sorry for Britney. My insensitivity and bad taste have not descended to levels where I’ve actually entered a Dead Pool, but if I had

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