Friday, 24 October 2008


I sometimes write about how trying it is to mother my three young children but, since I’m sure it would bore to tears anyone who isn’t me, Mr. Lonie or our parents, I usually refrain from prattling on about what a (nearly) constant source of delight my little ones are.

Earlier this week I was attempting to make homemade paper kites (ostensibly as art and craft for Miss and Master Lonie, but secretly because I’ve never flown a kite and always wanted to) and becoming increasingly frustrated at how unexpectedly difficult it was. Hadn’t the darn sticks and string and paper listened to their grandparents? Hadn’t they watched sentimental nostalgia on television which taught us that little boys in short pants made their own kites, knocked together a billy cart and built a tree house all before lunchtime? WHY WERE THEY NOT COOPERATING?!

“Master Lonie!” I snapped as my two year-old badgered the baby with what was intended to be loving fraternal engagement. “How many times do I have to tell you not to annoy Neptune?”

Head tilted, he considered carefully and delivered his answer with a guileless smile.


From my internal wellspring bubbled the pride and love to wash away my frown. For a moment, all was right with the world.


Rita said...

That is an example of the remembered one-liners with which my now-adult children can still get mileage from as they currently make comments (to me, and about me) which I would never allow another human to utter in my presence!
I also remember in the early 60's, my long dead and much loved grandmother exasperatedly exclaiming to cheeky young Rita, "My hands are itching to smack you!", and me responding straight back with, "Well scratch them Grandma!" - a line which has gone down in the family annals with much hilarity, given that in those days, NO ONE, but no one, 'gave cheek' back to their 'elders and betters'!

Lonie Polony said...

If he'd intended to be cheeky I certainly would not have responded with an indulgent smile and a ruffle of his hair, but he is just a sweet little boy who hasn't mastered the pragmatics of language yet. It's hard to be mad at him for long :)