Wednesday, 15 November 2006

To Many People Cant Use Apostrophe's

Misuse of apostrophe’s – its a scourge of the written word, and a peccadillo I find extremely irritating. I know that school curricula are not the same as they were in our parents and grandparents day, when most people actually knew how to spell and use correct grammar, as opposed to these day’s when the converse is true; but is it to much to ask that children are taught how too distinguish between contraction’s and possessive case? Does no one but me think its a bit sub-standard that those children go on to make the same error’s in there tertiary or professional writing? What has happened to all the proof-reader’s, so that we must grit our teeth at the glaring mistake’s, apostrophe catastrophe’s, if you will, in major publication’s, and the advertising campaign’s of huge multinational’s? Ill tell you what, there place’s have been usurped by computerised spellchecker’s which to often let such thing’s go uncorrected, for all there programmers effort’s.

Your probably thinking, “Whoa, Lonie, settle down, theirs no need too get so worked up about such a minor issue! You’re priority’s are all skewed!”

Well, maybe so. Ill leave my rant about homophone's for another time, then. After all, their are more important things too worry about.


Anonymous said...

No Ms Polonie your RIGHT GIRL!! Homophones are the worst! Why cant they just leave gay people alone - its not their bizzyness whatwe do is it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

write on, M's Polonie

hana said...

Hehe... that was great, Ms. Polonie, i totally agree with you... frankly.. if its that big a deal, I don't understand why the school systems are now allowing kids to write their final exams using sms forms. What say?

Lonie Polony said...

omg yeah, can't stand sms-speak (even though I do say lol, omg etc). I don't even sms in sms!