Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Google is a Fascist Bully!

I’m being punished for holding out against the (inevitable, so I’m assured) move to Blogger Beta. I can’t comment on anyone’s blog anymore because I don’t have the requisite Google Account. I tried to sign up for a Google Account, but it won’t let me use my blogging name, accepting only my real, proper-email-for-proper-uses name. I tried to create a Gmail account, but guess what? I need a Google Account for that. So it seems I have to create another identity-thief’s-treasure-trove, spam-magnet email account. I know Blogger is free and therefore one could argue I shouldn’t complain and whinge, but what is all this grief in aid of? Change for the sake of it, or real, necessary improvements? If the latter, why, when I recently created my blog, did Blogger not just automatically create a Beta account for me? I hate Google!

Oh, hello there O’Brien. What’s this? You say all the answers are in the place where there is no darkness…?

No! Not the rats! I’ll do anything…!

Please ignore my earlier rant. I realise now I love Big Google.


Anonymous said... do love big Google.

You DO...

And big Google better not hear anyting to the contrary.

Understand? ;)


Anonymous said...

go to your other friend mr yahoo and set up an email account - that's what I did.

beta really gave me the shits in the early days, but most of the wrinkles have gone now...but I hate being forced into doing anything

Or hold out against the whole damn thing - the loophole is to leave a comment as 'other' - put in your blogger name in the name line, then enter your whole blog address in the URL line - still ends up with a hot link to your blog and you've shoved one up the man!

Lonie Polony said...

:( thanks for the tip, foodkitty, but it doesn't seem to work when anonymous comments are disabled.