Sunday, 24 December 2006

Happy Birthday Jesus

’Twas the night before Christmas, ’twas Christmas almost,
Lonie sat at the keyboard to work on a post.
She sighed with relief, her cooking all finished,
But sadly her vigour was sorely diminished.
She rubbed her tired eyes, she was having no luck
thinking of rhymes, her brain seemed quite stuck,
Then suddenly, wond’ring “What rhymes with ‘buck this?’”
Epiphany struck, and she shouted,

Stuff that for a joke! It’s Christmas Eve! Who has time to craft personalised re-workings of well-known yuletide poems?

Merry Christmas everyone!


Miao said...

Merry Christmas! :)

foodkitty said...

Buck this indeed. My sister having to co-habit with mum and dad for 5 days made for good spectator sport - but I think she was somehow glad to get on the 6am flight this morning.

Safe holiday to you and yours..

Anonymous said...

Buck em all I say - makes you wonder why Rudolphs nose glowed! (Radioactive howler reindeer) By the way Miao has forgiven me, and she has a new blog, she has given me the url, and she will to you as well if you ask her!

Angela said...

Lonie, what a great post! Thanks so much for the link and the laughter. I loved picturing you at mass squeezed in with your family. Best wishes from one Leo to another!