Wednesday, 14 February 2007

O Pater! My Pater!

I never mentioned a word of this before because we agreed it would be our secret, and instead I was content to remember privately a sweet dalliance we both knew would end all too soon, consumed by the raging fires of our own passion. But now that circumstances have radically changed due to the recent shocking turn of events, I feel I must come forward, for her sake.

Yes. I am Dannielynn’s real father.


foodkitty said...

six degrees of separation be damned! I am Zsa Zsa's mother!

hazelblackberry said...

On the subject of revealing secrets: I am Spartacus.

Lonie Polony said...

I wonder just how many men would be falling all over themselves to claim paternity over the unfortunate child of a penniless crack whore? (I think it's too soon to make jokes about being the child of a wealthy crack whore...)

Pete Aldin said...

No, Hazelblackberry. I am Spartacus.

(And I'm Brian too!)