Thursday, 15 March 2007

You Know Your Haircut Sucks When...

1) The most common reaction you get is surreptitious, raised-eyebrow glances;

2) The only remarks your loved ones make are:

(a) Huh, I thought you looked different.
(b) You should go to my hairdresser, she’s really good.

Oddly enough, I still like it. It just needs some fine-tuning.


Rita said...

Well Lonie - if we stretch the imagination to make this half a week since your previous post about the haircut, then according to your definition of a bad haircut being one and a half weeks, you've only got 1 week to go before no one notices anything out of the ordinary!

Nabeel said...

been there .. heard all of the above .. thank God it doesn't happen no more.

My Marrakech said...

I think your blog make be a perfect cure for depression. I am alerting the drug companies:-)