Monday, 26 March 2007

Fugitive Recaptured!

“A dangerous fugitive is back in custody today after evading capture for 12 months. Lonie ‘Lunchmeat’ Polony was hauled before the authorities and summarily sentenced to an indefinite period of tedious labour for her crimes against society.

“Known to broadcast her unsolicited opinions among the innocent members of Bloggerland through the medium of a ‘blog’, she was found guilty of subjectiveness, tiresomeness and ‘whingeing like a Pom’.

“Polony’s defence relied heavily on supplication to the compassionate nature of the governing powers, citing motherhood to two small children as grounds for continuing freedom. However, she failed to recognise the complete lack of compassion or empathy in the very seigniors to whom she plead her case.

“We believe Polony may, given the slightest opportunity, attempt escape and a return to her antisocial behaviour. Whilst citizens should ON NO ACCOUNT confront Polony, who is considered armed and dangerous, we urge the public to be continually on their guard against further cyber-rampages, and to report any sightings of Polony or her perfidious works on 1800 123 400.

“That’s all for this special news bulletin, I’m Ivor E. Towers. Goodnight.”


jan said...

Sounds like a description of all of us bloggers. they'll never stop us, never.

Anonymous said...

You got off lightly - I guess it was a first offence?

hazelblackberry said...

Deepest sympathy on the return to work.

Lonie Polony said...

Jan - right on!

Mutley - nah, just the first time I got caught.

Hazel - I thank you for your condolences. The ashes of my leisure time will be scattered over the sea at sundown. In lieu of flowers, please send money to the Polony Retirement Fund ;)

Nellie said...

miss you lonie.

redcap said...

Work's such a downer, ain't it? I still haven't recovered from returning after just three weeks on holiday!

Anonymous said...

Its Easter!!

Lonie Polony said...

Aw Nellie, thanks! I miss blogging, but I've had no time for hobbies since I went back to work. Hopefully that will change soon.

Yes, Redcap, but a necessary least if I want to continue living my brand-name grocery items lifestyle.

Hooray Mutley, you're right! I'm looking forward to getting some blogging and reading in this long weekend :)